Will Charles Wang Sell The Islanders?

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wang22From The NHL Shift:

On Wednesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed what has been reported in this space over the last two weeks: Although Wang is soliciting and listening to offers for the Islanders, he may not be ready to say goodbye to the team.

Wang acquired the Islanders in 2000.

“Charles hasn’t decided whether or not he’s definitely going to sell,” Bettman said on WFAN-AM/New York on Wednesday. “He’s very attached to the Islanders. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. He’s looking forward to the move to Barclays.”

The Islanders begin play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in the 2015-16 season.

Stick tap goes to Islanders Point Blank where I read this first during lunch. Chris Botta also tweeted that he believes that Wang wants to sell ASAP. So once again, two different opinions has the fans wondering if Charles will sell the team or not. Welcome to the summer time drama rumor mill that will last as long as you keep wanting to read about it.

Only speaking for myself here, the reason why I have not written anything about the potential sale of the Islanders is that there is nothing concrete. Yes there are people interested in buying the Islanders. When has that ever changed? How many owners have the fans gone through in the last 20+ years? News of the “Potential Sale” is worse than any hockey rumor conjured up and every Isles fan is wrapped up in it.

If it’s one thing I know from reading/listening about Charles Wang is that he will get his money and he will not back down from the asking price.  He’s guaranteed money the moment the Islanders are in Brooklyn, which is why there were whispers of them possibly leaving the Coliseum a year early. There really should be no rush on his part unless he wants to avoid paying some loans that are due. What potential owner would want to buy the Islanders when he/she will automatically be in the hole after their first season?  In the long run, Charles will get his money back, but not while he’s still in Nassau.

Every fans first indication of a sell not happening any time soon was the announcement that Islanders Head Coach Jack Capuano was coming back for another season a day after the regular season was over. Any potential owner would have had a say in that and the Islanders would have at least delayed such a statement. Even if Charles sells tomorrow, the NHL will do their due diligence and go over every book of the next owner (refer to John Spano) , so getting a new GM or coach before draft day is not looking good for the fans who want a clean slate with new management.

Folks it’s playoff hockey time, enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL draft, enjoy the warmer weather, the kids will be out of school soon,  go to a Long Island Ducks game. If anything, the sell will happen when we least expect it, if it happens at all during the summer. Just don’t waste your summer expecting immediate change. When real change happens, then I’ll be more than happy to write about it.

PK (@Netminder39)