NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins 11/26/2008 Video Game Highlights Malkin Hat Trick

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Sometimes I feel like I am possessed with an ability to foresee the future.  LIke a gypsy looking into a crystal ball, I was able to call the outcome of this game in the second period.  I don't think it is that special though.  Any knowledgeable Islander fan probably started getting indigestion toward the end of the second period.  This is exactly what was happening 10 games ago for this club. 

After 2 periods:

The new Islanders.  Speed.  Over speed.  Solid goaltending.  Scrappy goals.  More than 2 goals a game.  The only fear I have with this team right now is playing with a lead.  There is no question though that they are causing other teams to play poorly when they execute correctly.  The style is way nicer to watch, and it is also nice to see some scoring.  Hope for this team is starting to creep its way back into my heart so they had better keep it up and not pull the third period "disappearing act" and leave us, the fans hanging. 

After 3 periods:

What the hell is it with this team?  After they score a few goals they either get too cute with the puck (see Hunter pass to Park whne he had a great shooting opp) and/or stop skating and go into turtle mode. Hope is indeed a 4 letter word. 


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