That's some goatee. Isles win.

Game 62: Isles host Buff-a-low
{ recap}

As the Sabres were down on the island for the day, I was up in Buffalo visiting my next college. Oddly enough (and sweet enough) the Sabres use the campus rink as a practice facility sometimes. Sick nasty. Great times in chilly Buffalo, much excite.

So, a great Islander victory tonight. Sean Bergenheim and Yann Danis were all magic with a great supporting cast in the 2-blank win against the Buffalo Sabres. Bergie scored both goals and Danis recorded his second straight shut out. Nice.

But there has been an even bigger question than what is up with the captaincy for the team and filing out a missing persons report for Bill Guerin. Yep, a stranger and spookier thing been festering on the island for a few days now.

Yes, there is something more mysterious and mindblowingly mind blowing than the question of where the Islander captain was traded to, who will wear the next C, and where the heck Shawn Bates is in Europe (is he doing good? I'm way to idle to check).

The question? What in the world is growing on Trent Hunter's chin!
Okay, I get it. It's an elongated version of his basic goatee but why? Is the cold weather forcing him to adapt and grow a fur coat for his lips? It's like he's practicing a playoff beard but in a limited space. Is he attempting to jump start a new fad? He can braid it... new nickname: King Hut.

Or maybe it's brillant. If this could catch on then the Isles could save bucks on razors in this harsh economy. It could act as a cushion incase Trunts does a face plant onto the ice. He could hide things like loose change or a switch blade in it's bushy goodness.

Trent's facial hair. Love it or Leave it?
Go Isles.