Greetings from Orlando

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The sun is out (with a little clouds, but nevertheless, a dry day today), and it is sunny skies for the Isles on their preseason debut.

Albeit, half the team is youngsters and junior players looking to make a squad, but it is still the Orange and Blue, no matter who is donning the sweater at this point.

Nice to see Jon Sim back and playing. There is betting at Ladbrokes (a UK betting firm) to see if Sim makes it to more than 5 periods this season. I am betting that this will happen…. Sim will make a big presence on this team for the 08-09 season. He is the type of guy that if he can play to his potential, he will allow other players to be able to maximize their potentials. You look at the Atlanta Thrashers two seasons ago, and Sim was a major pain in the butt on his opponents, and we all know what happened to the Thrashers in 06-07? They won the South East Division for the first time. Yes, the Rangers beat them in a sweep in the first round, but the contribution of Sim to the Thrashers team was crucial to their success. That need to continue for the Islanders this season.

Rumor mill… We are hearing once again - that Ricky may not start the season. From others in the know - I would seriously DOUBT that statement. Patience and restraint will need to be placed on #39 shoulders, and I know that coach Gordon will do just that.

I see that Campoli had an undisclosed injury last night. This scares me - and we need to keep our d-men healthy for this team to be successful.

Good start for the guys. I know we have another game tonight (not sure on opponent, because I have not surfed that much today). We have to keep the momentums going. With a young team like these guys, preseason success can mean a lot. It is the veteran teams that it does not matter as much if the team goes 8-1 or 1-8.

As for Orlando - chance of rain all week, but the weather held out for the most part. Went to Epcot yesterday - always a nice place to go…. Friday, it is off to Ocala for my nephew’s wedding. By the way, I have a time share at the Marriott Grande Vista. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone. To check it out, go to this link
If you are interested in checking it out - please let me know. I could get you a deal on a vacation visit (with NO OBLIGATION - but a 90 minute visit to the sales office), but honestly, once you go, you may get hooked. We did, and I do not regret it for one second.

As they say here - have a GRANDE day!

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