Fandom Double Standard. FemFans vs. the Puck Bunny.

Is there a double standard in the world of hockey fandom? The gloves come off in this battle of: Femfans vs. the Puck Bunny, Not Your Average Ice Girl style. *note: I really don't think puck bunnies are actual animals... just clearing things up. Carry on.

I know I'm not alone in the debate regarding the perceptions of female hockey fans. I feel that sometimes there's a stereotype in the stands over FemFans vs. Puck Bunnies. Oh believe me, I know there are tons of knowledgeable and kick ass hockey diehards who are women... but there are some girls who only attend games because the players are hot and who want to see a little more action than 60 minutes of hockey. In this post I try to seperate the two classifications and bring to light that not every girl hockey fan is there for the meat on ice.

I am a total avid sports fan. Isles, Jets, and Mets (yes, torture but whatevs.) There's nothing I love more than some excellent hockey: by excellent I mean fast paced, hard hitting, nitty gritty, reel play, hot n' sexy NHL action.

It's the energy, the fast pace excitement of hockey that draws me into the sport. The game is played swiftly and at times with much grace. It's funny when you start to think players can look almost Swan Lake like as they glide along the ice almost mystically... or am I the only one that thinks that? Ha! The sound of sharp blades making skating hard against ice is music to my ears.

There's something about being a female sports junkie that some people don't get. I once had a college professor say to me that I looked more like 'a knitter than a fight loving hockey freak.' I can see why people's prospective can be a bit warped. If -say for instance- shopping was a sport, you'd call me the Kid. You get the picture.

I, like so many others, are classified as the FemFan.

The FemFan: Die hard hockey fans who are girls, "FemFans."

The female hockey fan is a growing breed. In a sport predominantly known for its male fans, hockey is being followed by more and more women. There are tons of smart FemFans that love the sport, play the sport, and live the sport of hockey. Aka: We know our shit. My fellow Female Fans are numerous in numbers but it seems that over the past few years, the number of legit femfans have positively grown! Female fans at games are just as knowledgeable as the male fans... ah, duh!

Nonetheless, FemFans can sometimes get perceived and often viewed as puck bunnies simply due to their presence at a game, regardless of their true intentions or motivations.

Now, I can see why sometimes people can assume these sort of things. Being a woman with eyes I'll admit that I think some of the players are attractive, Duh. I do have my crushes on a select few NHLers. There are some really good looking guys in the league. Can you blame me for fawning a bit? Of course not. But I'm not watching and attending games, donning my teams colors, and cheering for the team based on the player's looks. Hell no.

I go to hockey games to watch the actual game, the action, etc. I go to games and enjoy watching two goons tango and throw punches at each other. I'm not spending the cash I do on games to see the sweat cascade down Sidney Crosby's face live and in person. Get real, the physical attractiveness of players does not play a significant role in attracting all/majority of females to the sport.

Don't guys get to watch the Ice Girls or the Dancer girls do their thing? Yeah. So, they not only get to watch an exciting hockey game but they are also being marketed via these flashy girls too.
Do men pay to watch women in little outfits scoop up access ice during stoppage time? Well, ehh, I'd imagine that majority of the men they go to hockey games to watch the actual game! Yikes. In turn, how's that any different from women oogling over the dudes? I mean- as long as it's not at puck bunny proportions, right?

The Puck Bunny:
To be labelled a puck bunny is pretty harsh.


When I think of 'puck bunny' I think of a crazy stalkerish girl who just wants to "take it to the sin bin" with their player of choice or who's wearing a "Next Mrs. __players name here__" shirt or holding a sign that takes it to the next level like this: {stick it in my five hole, Sidney!} poster. Like you have never seen some girl holding up a sign during warm ups asking their favorite player to marry them or meet them behind the Zamboni. Get the idea?

Clearly a clever rabbit.

Basically, as defined on the ever creditable and reliable source known as wikipedia, the term puck bunny is defined as:

:a young female hockey fan, especially one motivated more by a desire to meet the players than by an interest in hockey.

Pretty self explanatory. Need a further, in depth analysis? Here's the totally funny's take on {puck bunnies}. I mean, the proof is in the pudding via googling puck bunnies.

{This} website comes up that is a forum discussing pro athletes (NHL included) off ice lives. Now that's creepy. Oh my goodness, so creepy. I mean, really- who gives a crap about which dude is dating who or what club they hang out at?

Stop it! The NHL doesn't stand for National 'Hottie' League!

A Maven's (no, not Stan Fischler's) Analysis:
I feel it's only fitting to let an expert break down the strange behavioral habits of the puck bunny. Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only, Steve Irwin:

"Crickey! Thanks a bunch Kelly! G'day mates, Steve Irwin here.

There is only one true enemy to the FemFan...the species of puckus skankikus, also known as the puck bunny. Mostly seen by hockey rinks, by locker room exits, and sporting impractical clothes near icy surfaces, the puck bunny seeks much more than an exciting hockey game. Now that's one ferocious little bugger that really sprouts up in the winter months. I mean come on girl, it's an ice rink. Change out of that skirt and put some damn pants on. Oy!

The puck bunny is a rare but venomous animal. Rabid! Approach with caution for the puck bunny might just attack! If a puck bunny should so ever make physical contact with you, do not hesitate! seek professional medical help and keep the handiwipes on hand. Didgeridoo.

Shonky types of Shelias, blokes should be on the look out when puck bunnies show their true plumage, especially when their skin color is a bright orange. Danger mates, watch your snag!"
Thank you Steve.

Being called a puck bunny gives me the urge to going 'Chris Simon' like. I mean total across the face stick chop Hollweg incident craziness. Get it? Got it? Good.

We FemFans are passionate and self-respecting individuals. Bust those stereotypes ladies!