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Bedgear produces some of the finest sleep materials ever made. I can attest to personally sleeping every night on a Bedgear ‘Dawn’ model pillow that has given me the best sleep I have had in some time. And for someone who is not used to sleeping soundly, that is certainly saying something.


From the company’s website:

Bedgear’s ability to innovate in fabric and techniques came from the skill set of our founder whose two decades of experience in home furnishings motivated him to take a unique approach to basic bedding accessory construction. bedgear began manufacturing PERFORMANCE bedding products as a result of major market research and speaking directly with shoppers at time of purchase about their sleep preferences and health and wellness concerns. Driven by consumer demand and retail-level requests, all of our mattress protectors are manufactured using only breathable fabrics, which allow optimal air flow, yet they do not allow any moisture to reach the sleeping surface of the bed. The high performance materials proven across the bedgear bedding collections have similar technology to those used in sports & athletic wear, with dry-wicking and water repelling properties. bedgear is now a premier producer of bedding, having expanded our assortment in line with consumer trends and incorporated the leading edge of textile technology at every step along the way. Our flagship protector, Dri-Tec®, is our highest growth product – as more customers have started requesting memory foam and latex beds and those materials are integrated into more beds from the biggest manufacturers, sales of this related product have continued to climb.


Being a sponsor this season of the New York Islanders (you might have seen a certain advertisement in the hallways of Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum with Matt Martin) they reached out to Islanders Insight with an exciting opportunity for our loyal readers. Click the link below to see the description of the contest and follow the steps to get as many as eight entries to win one of the two pillowcases they have given us. Mostly, it involves following on social media and answering two Islanders trivia questions correctly., who we used to generate the contest specifics, will use to select two winners who have met all the requirements of the contest (see below).

Gleam automatically uses to draw winners, they offer true randomness:

RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.We currently draw winners based on actions, not unique entrants. This means that there is the potential for the same person to win more than once. If this happens you can invalidate the entry & repick that winner again.

Good Luck!!

Isles Insight writers are not eligible to win any prizes.

Bedgear #Isles Pillowcase Giveaway

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