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I know I said I was taking a vacation from blogging, and I'm still trying to, but I've been perusing the NHL Network schedule for days and I thought I should let you all know about some pretty good finds coming up soon, to give your hockey fix over the X-Mas break.

12/22 8PM Classic Series: 1998 Eastern Conf. Finals Sabers vs. Capitals

Ah, those '98 Caps. A truly classic series between 2 unlikely Eastern Champs over back-to-back years. Hasek and Kolzig, and Caps wearin' purple. Also includes highlights from ESPN AND FOX! (CBC as well)

12/23 8PM Classic Series: 1998 Stanley Cup Finals Red Wings vs. Capitals

MacDonald’s Effort Not Enough in 4-1 Loss to Wild

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Thank you Joey MacDonald. You played your tail off last night. You made one show stopping save after another and did everything in your power to ensure an Islanders victory.

The only problem was your defense forgot to show up.

That and Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo proved that they have a lot of growing up to do defensively.

I said in my pregame piece yesterday that the Wild defensemen needed to be watched and not allowed to make that first good pass out of the neutral zone. With that obviously not happening, combined with the Islanders inability to generate quality scoring opportunities did the Isles in once again.

However, before a terrible third period, I really liked what I saw from both Mike Comrie and Okposo, who were hustling and were at least noticeable.

Then, again, it happened.

Islander News Articles 12/20

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More Updates Saturday to this blog entry.

Newsday: Mr Logan repeated most of his pre-game blog for the print edition but had Doug Weight defending the system and felt there has been too much talk about it and disagreed with Columbus Coach Ken Hitchcock's assessment of it being more run and gun.

Point Blank: Mr Botta's post game blog entry.

Star-Tribune: Michael Russo recaps the Wild's 4-1 win against the Islanders.

Pioneer Press: Has Bruce Brothers game recap with quotes.

2 promising rookies, 2 costly mistakes leading to another NY Islander loss, and I still want their RCs

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Minnesota 4, New York 1

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Sports Network: Recap's the Islanders 4-1 loss to the Wild on Friday along with the AP.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sorry folks, forgive me if I miss some things in this recap, our friends at Time Warner whenever a game goes on Msg+2 more often than not has pregame, picture or sound problems.

Tonight the entire game was shown without sound, too bad we did have a picture.
That was an absolute joke watching this team play tonight and I have seen a lot of terrible Islander clubs.

I think it's time for the system to change, the players to change or this coach was not the right hire for them.

DiPietro Back After Christmas, Pregame Thoughts

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On December 26, the Islanders will have 48 games remaining in their season. If all else goes as planned, they’ll have their franchise goaltender back as well. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but to me, this may end up being a pretty damn good Christmas present to all Islander fans.

The only question is, what DP will the Islanders get?

Will they get the wild and crazy, puck-chasing lunatic that lives on the edge and gives Islander fans ulcers, or will they get a mature leader that can help take this team out of the mud and somewhere respectable?

New York at Minnesota 8pm Msg+2

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AP: Previews tonight's game against the Minnesota Wild.

Curtis Foster and Owen Nolan look like the players out for the Wild.
Backstrom should be in net.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Always fun seeing the Islanders head out to markets they do not play often. A year ago this was the game the club the Isles finally gained a point after getting past the flu that set them up for the six game winning streak. They did blow the lead in regulation and the Wild were a very fast team that won in overtime.

Bridgeport has a lot of extra players, Islanders seem to have a surplus so spin the wheel whether Fritz, Walter, Jackman or Sim sit for a Comrie/possible Okposo return.

The “New” Faces of The Franchise

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For a long while, 2000 1st Round first overall draft pick Rick DiPietro has been the face of the Islanders franchise, but having two high first round draft picks in three years - the new faces of the franchise are forwards Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo. With youth and youthful exuberance they graciously dive head first into anything the organization asks of them. I have to say, it is definately fun to have so much youth in the organization. In case you missed it, check out the latest Islanders TV clip (commercial) featuring the duo:

Good on ya boys!

More from Brendan Witt/Islander Insider

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Point Blank: Mr Botta had a lot more from Brendan Witt where he did not back off from his comments to Newsday's Greg Logan but elaborates a lot more on his answers and makes it clear he does not wish to be traded and signed here because he wants to be a part of this club and loves being here. The defensive system is something he has talked with head coach Scott Gordon a lot behind the scenes.

Mr Botta for his part includes Witt was not happy playing for Ted Nolan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

No summary from me will tell the entire story, Mr Botta's blog says it best. Witt seems like someone who simply wants the club to play better defense, this is not some kind of thing where Witt wants out which the defender makes clear.

2 Excellent Islanders, 2 Milestones to Come, and their RCs are affordable and will stay that way!

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A few things about Scott Gordon

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Not one game with the starting goaltender or the top six defenders healthy and a team injured from day one of camp but having written that:

Most goals allowed.
Huge jump in shots again.
Most shots blocked in the league.
Worst even strength club in the league.

Islanders last season cut the shots against by a hundred and ninety eight.

This season (31 games-891 shots against) twenty fifth.
Last season (82 games-2228 shots against) nineteenth.
Note-shots do not reflect quality chances against.

Scott Gordon from the day of his hiring talked about overspeed and his defensive system, he talked about playing more in the offensive zone as a good way to keep pressure off.

Lets re-introduce some of the quotes which do not reflect how things have played out.

Frustration for coach, players will only get worse

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The one thing I liked about this club going into this season is there were no players on it who talked a better game then they played.

For all the even strength goals Richard Park or Andy Hilbert will not score they give everything they have and leave it all on the ice.

I do not see anyone on this team who does not play the same way, even if the collective results have not been good at all.

Folks want to say Tambellini did not produce or create chances that's fair enough but he went into the corners and took hits to make plays, he tried to fight at Msg, it was not enough for Tambellini or anyone.

One thing for sure we can expect is more items like Brendan Witt's comments and frustration among the players (especially the veterans) which we saw from Doug Weight after Tuesday's loss.

Players like Weight would trade every assist he has to win some games, that is the kind of player you want here.

Islander News Articles 12/19

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Newsday: Greg Logan's article has comments from defenseman Brendan Witt who talks about how Scott Gordon's defensive system is tough to play at length with a lot of details as to why it leaves players open. Scott Gordon responded while Witt for his part also said he's trying to do whatever the coach asks along with his fellow defensemen and for the progress they have shown they have not showed it very often for 60 minutes but until the coach says something different we have to play this way.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

That's more space than Brendan Witt has received after a practice since he signed here so we knew it had to be a negative story. Positive stories just are not news worthy.

Having written that we all know it's not a time for positive stories.

Doug Weight Closes to 1,000 Points: That's exciting but how about being a 2009 All Star and then getting us 2 first rounders at the trade deadline

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(Here You See Doug Weight in his 1991-1992 UD RC...I wouldn't anticipate too much movement on his hockey cards, despite his excellent numbers this season for the islanders)
It's pretty amazing that there have only been 71 prior NHL players to reach the 1,000 point plateau. It's even more amazing that Doug Weight, soon to be the 72nd, will be reaching that milestone so early in the Islander's season.

Switching of topics

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Unfortunately, I have not spent enough time blogging over the past several months. Part of the problem was that i had a major brain malfunction of trying to decide which topic to write about amongst the diverse land of hockey cards. What I really need to be blogging about is something that I am passionate about. And at this point, I have decided to blog about the new york islanders. I feel that my brain needs to vent after each loss and I feel that my brain needs to vent when I hear or read stupid quotes, statements, or fan reaction. So here I am.

To make this blog a little unique, i will also be incorporating discussions about New York Islander Hockey cards with each blog. I will discuss which players cards should be on the rise and which ones should be on the down and which ones you should aim to get ASAP!!!

Hopefully you will stop by often and hopefully I will be blogging more often.

Okposo, And Comrie Cleared

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View From the Ice with Dan Rice

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NHL News & Notes

Comrie, Okposo return, more changes coming

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Point Blank: Mr Botta reported Mike Comrie and Kyle Okposo will return to the lineup against the Wild on Friday.

Head coach Scott Gordon comments on the return of both players.

More changes are expected as the club leaves by 2:30pm Est.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on changes at Sound Tigers practice on Thursday with the following:

No word on anybody coming down from the Islanders, Ben Walter gets continued glowing reviews.

Jon Gleed was sent back to Utah after practice.
Len DiCostanzo was released from his PTO, and might wind up in Utah.

December Futility

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Islander News Articles 12/18

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Newsday: Greg Logan has comments from Mike Comrie who wants to return to the lineup Friday in Minnesota while head coach Scott Gordon is not too sure there is a roster spot available and praised the play of Ben Walter who he felt fit in well.

Mr Logan also reported Kyle Okposo took part in practice and Jeff Tambellini's conditioning stint ends Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The roster speculation game has gotten more than stale, we should know when the club leaves who got on the plane.

I agree with the Islanders coach Walter did fit against Washington and played well for the minutes he saw, very visible who got some chances.

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