8/13/07 - Back in Business

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Hey all,
I'm back at the helm, with a freshly tuned computer and a fresh look at the Islanders community. The summer is beginning to wind down, and as any good hockey fan knows, that means things are just getting started for another year.

But it also means that I'll soon be returning to Boston... a place where there are no Islanders, only Bruins. But that's only going to redouble my efforts here. After all, following the team from afar is what I do; it's why I'm writing here.

Though this week brought some Islanders news I couldn't be here to cover, there will assuredly be plenty more as this summer ends, as training camp begins, and right through until the drop of the puck on October 5th.

As I continue participating (as much as I can) in the Islanders community, I thank all of you for reading and supporting my writing. For a blog writer, there is nothing better than getting feedback from readers. Whether it is in a comment to a post, or simply seeing readers return on a regular basis, I really appreciate the support.

Thanks again, and here's to a great team in '08!
Andy Facini