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Easter Hockey Bits: Bridgeport season ends without a goal

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Enjoy your holiday, if it's a holiday for you. But it's a day of hockey for everyone.

A few Islanders reads, plus an open thread for Sunday's playoff hockey:

What Islanders Should Do With 5th Overall Pick

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The New York Islanders were awarded the 5th pick in the 2014 NHL draft following Tuesday nights draft lottery. Coming into the lottery the Islanders had a slim 8.1% chance to land the first pick in the draft but instead received what they were projected, which was the 5th pick.  To complete the Thomas Vanek […]

What Islanders Should Do With 5th Overall Pick - Eyes On Isles - Eyes On Isles - A New York Islanders Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

New York Islanders Sale Talks: Mysterious Billionaire Hockey Fan Might Decide to Bid after the Weekend

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I can't tell you how fun the next few years are going to be.

Back before we knew the New York Islanders were staying in New York but moving to Brooklyn, remember all the fun (but mostly angst) we had as different might-be, should-be, if-it-were-me reports bounced around from published media, message boards, and general hacks?

That's kind of what the sale of a sports franchise is like too. And that's how this is gonna go for the New York Islanders.

2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild [Saturday playoff thread]

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Hockey, hockey, more hockey. As Bossy intended.

Saturday features three NHL playoff series playing their Games 2, with start times spanning from 3 p.m. EDT (Blues-Blackhawks) to 9 p.m. (Avalanche-Wild).

2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings [Friday watch thread]

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So you wasted your winter Friday nights watching the Islanders, and now you think you are free. Wrong.

The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings haven't met in the playoffs since Eisenhower was president. I don't care much for Original Six mythology, but I do love a league that can offer a curiosity like that.

Of course the chief reason they are meeting is because now they're in the same conference and division. Bruins-Wings playoff matchups are suddenly much more likely (as is the specter, like in the '50s, of a Cold War).

IIHF World Championship: Colin McDonald Joins Nelson, Donovan for Team USA

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File this under "Surprise."

USA Hockey announced today that New York Islanders winger Colin McDonald has been named to the Team USA roster for the IIHF World Championship that will take place May 9-25 in Belarus.

This follows the tax day announcement that his Islanders teammates Matt Donovan and Brock Nelson would be on the team.

New York Islanders Sale Talks: Multiple buyers showing interest

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The lease in Brooklyn has reportedly attracted new bidders besides Andrew Barroway.

Andrew Barroway is "no longer alone in his pursuit of the New York Islanders," according to the Sports Business Journal's Chris Botta.

Citing a financial industry source, Botta reports there are at least two additional parties pursuing a purchase from owner Charles Wang -- a logical outcome given the team's pending 2015 move to Brooklyn and the widespread news that Barroway, a Philadelphia lawyer and hedge fund alchemist, has been assembling a bid in discussions with Wang.

2014 NHL Playoffs Preview: Red Wings vs. Bruins

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Detroit Red Wings (39-28-15, 93 pts)


Boston Bruins (54-19-9, 117 pts)


Islanders : Triantaphilisms – 10 Things I Think I Think 4/18/14

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Every year, it’s the same old story. Outsiders and fans of the New York Islanders seem to find ways to manipulate their own heads into thinking that John Tavares, who has four years remaining on his contract, will find his way off of Long Island immediately. I want to say it’s as silly as it sounds, but there are so many people that are actually convinced at this “possibility.”

Islanders Top Shelf : 4/18/14

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News on the New York Islanders front is very quiet right now, with the exception of a town hall style meeting that was had last night at the Westbury Manor in Long Island.

Islanders News: Bridgeport prepares for final weekend; sad Frans; NHL playoff bits

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Last night's playoffs were more high-scoring madness. Alas, no Islanders.

Not much new about the Isles -- here are some practice updates as Bridgeport enters its final weekend with a new Swede line, and here is an official site bit about John Tavares' career year -- so maybe enjoy a video of a very sad Frans Nielsen (despite a career year of his own) in his season-ending scrum:

Garth Snow on SportsTalk1240 on Sunday May 4th

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Garth05042014For the next SportsTalk 1240 show for John and I, on Sunday, May 4th, we will have Garth Snow, as our guest.

We will talk about the season just ended, and his thoughts on free-agency, the draft (will he – or wont he keep the pick this season), and other questions on the minds of you, Islander nation.

We will NOT take calls, but for this show, we will take questions via twitter, using hashtag #AskGarth, or on our Facebook page or you can e-mail me (

2014 NHL Playoffs Preview: Wild vs Avalanche

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200px-Minnesota_Wild.svg                                                                                           200px-Colorado_Avalanche_logo.svg





Minnesota Wild (43-27-12, 98 pts)


Colorado Avalanche (52-22-8, 112 pts)

2014 NHL Playoffs Preview: Kings Vs Sharks

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The 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs are about to get underway and there are some great match-ups in round one from both the Eastern and Western conferences.

One of the most intriguing matchups has the Los Angeles Kings taking on the San Jose Sharks in the 6 seed vs 4 seed series.



Playoff Poll: San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings [Thursday Playoff Watch Thread]

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There is hockey, some more hockey, and then yet more hockey. Bring it.

Are you stocked in beer and junk food? Got your remote thumb ready? You better. Four series kick off tonight.

This posts doubles as our Thursday night playoff-watching thread, as well as our poll for the Sharks-Kings series.

Postseason Fodder: On Matt Donovan and Jake Gardiner

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A summer series of tying on-going NHL topics to the Islanders.

Jake Gardiner has been a higher offensive producer than Matt Donovan in the NCAA, AHL and the NHL, but both are 23-year-old offensive-oriented defensemen who experienced a similar phenomenon for young players: Being leashed, fearing mistakes, and having to "earn" the trust of coaches to fully pursue their roving ways.

Playoff Preview: Thursday Night

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Who gets out of the first round?

Who gets out of the first round?

If last night’s games were anything but a preview of what’s to come in these playoffs in 2014, I can’t wait to see what’s in store tonight. Let’s get right into it with my picks for the series winners and a look at a few possible free agents for the Islanders.

2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

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Just look at these Proven Winner coaches.

Ken Hitchcock and Joel Quenneville are among the winningest active NHL coaches. They've met in the playoffs before. Oddly, each time the outcome reflected not so much their coaching as the quality of their rosters.

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