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As Andrew MacDonald Signs for 6 Years with Flyers, Islanders Pump-and-Dump is Complete

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For all that went wrong in 2013-14, this hand was played right.

Andrew MacDonald is an NHL defenseman, though his caliber is very much in debate. He is one with the age and service to command unrestricted free agent leverage and its inherent inflated salary, but not for that much, and that long.

The Philadelphia Flyers, as they are wont to do, signed MacDonald for much more and much longer than many others would advise, curiously announcing a 6-year, $30 million contract on the eve of the playoffs, after 19 games spent wearing the "other" orange.

What Should Isles Do At Number 5?

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What will the Isles do?

What will the Isles do?

The Islanders have retained the fifth overall pick in this years draft. They have the option on June 1st whether to keep the pick or give it to Buffalo to complete the Thomas Vanek trade. Craig Button, who has correctly picked former top 5 picks for the Islanders, selected Michael Dal Colle in his mock draft.

Isles Stay at #5

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No surprises and no fistfights for the first overall.

And the only one that moved up was the Florida Panthers.

How boring!

New York Islanders : Introspection On 2013-14 Season

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The New York Islanders have completed a disappointing 2013-14 season with a road victory over the Buffalo Sabres in what truly defined their season as a whole. Road warriors once again with a mind-boggling below .500 home record and another November/December swoon dooming them to another summer of not being able to take part in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

As we take a look back at what transpired, we are reminded that nothing ever comes easy in the National Hockey League. With New York coming off their first playoff appearance since what seemed like the last time our government was actually responsible, the Islanders proceeded to take what could only be described as a step backwards.

2014 NHL Draft Lottery Thread

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After a one-year hiatus, your April tradition is back!

UPDATE: From the 2nd position, the Florida Panthers have won the lottery and now hold the 1st overall pick. The Islanders hang on to the fifth overall pick.

The 2014 NHL Draft Lottery is tonight, televised live at 8 p.m. EDT followed by awkward interviews with top draft-eligible prospects.

The magic formula will determine the order for the first 13 picks of the 2014 NHL Draft.

The TSN TV coverage will also air in the U.S. on NBCSN and will re-air on NHL Network (U.S.) at 8:30 p.m., ET.

World Championships 2014: Brock Nelson, Matt Donovan true American heroes

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The season is over, but it's not over yet for some Islanders.

USA Hockey has named its first slate of players for this spring's IIHF World Championship in Belarus, and since that tournament is (mostly) made of players whose NHL teams didn't make or are quickly eliminated from the playoffs, the New York Islanders are well represented with two homegrown youngsters.

Donovan & Nelson Make World Championship Roster

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Congrats Matt & Brock!

Congrats Matt & Brock!


Matt Donovan and Brock Nelson of the new York Islanders have been selected to play in this years World Championships May 9th through the 25th in Minsk, Belarus.

For now the roster looks like this:

Goalie: Connor Hellebuyck


Matt Donovan: New York Islanders

Jake Gardiner: Toronto Maple Leafs

Seth Jones: Nashville Predators

Jake McCabe: Buffalo Sabres

Jeff Petry: Edmonton Oilers

Islanders F Brock Nelson and D Matt Donovan named to Team USA for World Championships

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Catching Up With News

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He's back!

He’s back!

Since Gary and John are going to be busy for a while (and rightfully so) I guess you’ll be stuck with me for a little while. Sorry. So let’s get caught up shall we?

Capuano Is Back As Head Coach

Islanders GM Snow's Admission Of Failure Has One Of Two Outcomes

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It's a safe assumption that yesterday's news regarding Jack Capuano's job status wasn't popular among New York Islanders fans.

NHL 'Big Brother' program matches wayward teams with veteran mentors

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Established players give back to needy franchises.

In just one afternoon together, Brendan Shanahan knew he would hit it off immediately with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

"They looked up at me with those sad blue eyes. I couldn't resist," said Shanahan, who left his position as the NHL's director of player safety to be the Leafs' new Big Brother. "I could see the Leafs were looking for someone to put their arm around them and ask, 'How are you doing? Is everything okay?'

Garth Snow tells Newsday that Jack Capuano will return as head coach next season

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2014 NHL Playoffs Preview: Blue Jackets vs Penguins

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The Columbus Blue Jackets will get a warm welcome to the NHL’s Eastern Conference as they face the Pittsburgh Penguins for the first time during the quarterfinal round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. There certainly isn’t a rivarly between the Blue Jackets and Penguins, but with only three hours separating the two cities, fans from both cities will be filling any seats they can in enemy territory.

2014 Lighthouse Hockey Playoff Bracket Pool

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Put your picks where your poll is. (That's how that goes, right?)

The annual Lighthouse Hockey NHL playoff bracket pool is back this year, hosted at the same site as last year, officepooljunkie. As normal, there is no charge for joining the pool, and the winner gets the joy of enlightenment.

Last year's winner was Frans, with Zhora losing the tiebreaker and PYinSC finishing third. The previous year was Benhasna's year, with Francesca, Ozzyfan and CharlotteIslesFan all tying for second. (Obviously the Swiss were stronger that year.)

You can follow this link and create your pool, you may have to create an account. If for some reason it asks you for a password, the password is 1234, the same as my luggage.

2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Previews, Polls, Prognostications

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Lighthouse Hockey takes a decidedly Islanders-oriented look at the NHL playoffs. From the outside. Because misery.

The 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs kick into gear Wednesday -- preceded by the consolation Draft Lottery Tuesday. If you're new to this site this year, in addition to continuing Islanders coverage and post-mortem, we will resume our annual tradition with:

2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

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Armed with a top-flight goalie, can the Columbus Blue Jackets finish what the New York Islanders started last spring?

Not many people like the Pittsburgh Penguins.

No, I mean "like" them for this series, that is. Alright, that's an exaggeration, but the number of people who aren't picking the Penguins to take this one easily might surprise you, given the history and standings of the two teams involved.

Gary’s On Assignment….

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A Josh Bailey buyout? Not likely.

For me – I have been away for a while, and I need to take some time.

When I write on this site, I write from the perspective of talking to friends.  People that read “Isles Talk” are our friends; whether you support what we say or not – whether you believe us or not – we still consider you friends.

And especially when the guy that owns the site, has not been writing for a while, he should provide an explanation as to why.

Well – Gary is job hunting….

Islanders News: Tavares staying put, Pulock debuts, Visnovsky not retiring, lottery day

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Because you can't quit us, and we can't quit you.

Tonight is the NHL Draft Lottery, which has meant something to the New York Islanders way too many times during its existence. Here's what will happen:

The 2014 NHL Draft Lottery, a weighted system to determine the order of selection for the first 13 picks of the 2014 NHL Draft, will take place Tuesday, April 15, at 8 p.m., ET.

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